Saturday, March 21, 2015

Welcome Spring! What's up with this snow?

More  Snow! Springtime in New Hampshire!
Marley dog on trail today

So, first day of spring, and we woke to snow. Just a few inches fell. And at one point,the sun even came out.  We decided to go for a long winter hike, and brought the dogs with  us.  It was nice.  Rough going in some places through the still-deep snow, but still mostly quite enjoyable. We saw many signs of moose,but never caught a glimpse of one.
Back home and back to chores.  We were surprised by a neighbor bringing over some REAL sap buckets... you know, the metal kind that look so nice.  That was really nice because  my plastic ones are a little sad.
I am going to go out and exchange them very soon.

My growing shelves in the house have reached capacity.  so now what?
Maybe this is a sign that I need to wait to plant more seedlings.
Surely not. I bet i can find more window space!

Right now, the hardy greens are seeded in flats in the cold frames.  That is spinach, kale, chard,  parsley, and two different kinds of lettuce, and several varieties of cabbage.  .Holding my breath to see when they will sprout.  Its been 11 -15 degrees at night. If these were already up and growing, I would be concerned. But seeds naturally go through some freeze/thaw cycles if left out over winter, so I think they will be ok.

Inside, there are a couple hundred onion seedlings,  and flats of tomatoes, peppers, celery,  broccoli, and cauliflower. Everything is up except the peppers.  They are being slow.

If the cold frames had been prepared before winter, I would be planting carrots in them. I will have to miss this first early planting and hope I can make up for it with late crops in the fall.

Broccoli and Tomatoes . In the very front are the tiny celery seedlings popping through.

a few of the 200 onions.  

Ahhh... it is nice just seeing these plant babies pop up through the soil... Garden therapy!

The chicks were crazy wild today. I think they would like to get out of that crate.  Maybe I can fix up some larger "playpen" area.   Oh, the floor would suffer!  So here is Day 12 video.  I call it "Chick Rush"... what happens when you put a treat inside a cage with a couple dozen baby chicks!  The greedy little buggers!

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