Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Garden Notes

Sometimes March can be sort of a limbo month for the garden. We are having a late spring, with below average temperatures.  But any day now, the weather could suddenly turn to spring, so things have to be ready.  Our garden here  is in no way ready.. so all this preparation sometimes feels like a gamble.  Still, seeing the seedlings poking up through the soil, even if it is the inside grow shelves, is good winter therapy.

Here is a link for a free online gardening summit... about 30 experts in the field of sustainable, organic, homegrown food production will present videos on every conceivable aspect of growing your own groceries.  Things like:how much land do you need? What are the best chicken breeds? What are some ways to collect rainwater?  raising small livestock, growing herbs for natural cures, eating for health, anf many more.
its all free, and i think it is going to be a wealth of information.

And here is Day 16 of the Chick Flicks...there wasnt a day 15.
The chicks are beginning to look like small chickens, instead of cute fluffy babies. They are also outgrowing the crate very quickly and I am scrambling to find a larger, safe space for them.  They may take a short visit to the outside soon.
notice innthe video, towards the end, the little rooster chick with NO TAIL while all the little girls have very obvious tail feathers.

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