Monday, March 9, 2015

Chicks Coming!

The chick palace
 This week  marks two big events on the homestead.
First, the weather is finally cooperating, and the maple sugar season should officially get rolling.  I will be collecting 10-15 gallons of sap a day if things go as planned. Hopefully, I will get some good photos and video of that.
Second, the baby chicks are due to arrive Wednesday, or maybe as late as Thursday. I have everything ready for them.

Tomorrow, I will start a series of videos on the chicks. These videos, which I have dubbed  "Chick Flicks" will follow the chicks as they grow, info on how to care for new babies, and other chicken care basics. For those who might be considering some backyard chickens, this is  good opportunity to see what is invoĺved.

One of two infrared heat lamps for the new babies. Yes, i know thats not a chick pictured,  Silly pants!

Lastly, i am hoping to win one of these very cool automatic watering systems.  Having to empty out poopy water two or three times a day isnt fun!  with 25 new babies on the way, this would be a godsend!

The good folks over at are offering a giveaway of one of these puppies. I want one!

Weather. 20 this morning and bright sunshine. High is supposed to be mid 30s.

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