Friday, March 13, 2015

Hens Outside Chicks Inside

the big hens finally have a little time outside the run.
The thaw we had on Wednesday produced enough bare patches in the path we shoveled to the coop that the hens were allowed out to free range.  They dont like cold wet feet, so they pretty much only stay where there are bare patches of ground, but they sure enjoyed being outside, pecking around at a few weeds that were green under the snow, and generally enjoying themselves.  

It's cold but not so windy today.  Sap production is still slow, but a little better than yesterday, which was dismal and frozen!

Baby chicks are progressing.
One of the little roosters does seem to have an issue... his little butt had  quite a bit of dried poo all over it, and when I gently washed it off, he seems to have some raw looking skin.. this might heal by itself except that it is bright red, which causes the other chicks to peck at it... So I will be watching him, and might need to separate him for a day or two.  Notice how the wing feathers are growing fast... and a bit of color is showing up on a few of them...Notice how more of them are hopping up and down off the yellow brooder... 

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