Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Just Until I can Get a Cow

I really want a family cow. Think about all that a sweet milking cow can provide.
An annual calf for meat, including food and bones for the dogs. Hide for leather if you are so inclined.  Milk and cream for yogurt, butter,and cheese.  Whey for fermenting veggies, and if we kept hogs (probably not) the whey is food for them.  And maybe the most important thing of all... 


Manure is like gold.  It enriches the soil, which in turn enriches the vegetables, which in turn enriches us.  A dairy farming friend of mine said that the most valuable crop from their dairy herd is actually the manure.  And seeing the potatoes that came out of their manure-enriched garden was proof.  Each potato weighed several pounds.  

Well, a family cow is a ways off.  Something to aim for.  So for now, I will have to settle for a slightly smaller producer of fine manure.  Bunnies produces manure that is different from almost any other in its balanced mineral and  nutrient profile, but also in that it will not burn roots, so can be top dressed in the garden without having to be composted first.  this is really handy when you need to give garden plants a boost mid-season.

Meet the little girls. We dont have names yet.

I also scored this great rocking chair for the front porch.  somebody was throwing it away at the dump!

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  1. What about goats? Do they produce manure? Curious.