Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Illustrated Homestead

These sunflowers are cheery, and they will serve as winter feed for the chickens.

 After some hours of hard weed pulling, the dry land garden is cleaned up and almost ready for fall.  A cover crop of oats was planted in the rows, and the grass aisles were mowed down. Thats the weed pile back in the far corner.  The only thing left is to lay down some mulch over the new seed. Oh, and that strange thing in the foreground is the rabbit tractor sitting on end.

And now, the topic of today's post.... When I first started this blog, I originally planned to go all old school and put it all in a hand written journal, with sketches instead of photos. For some reason that escapes me now, I went ahead and just started a blog.  But i still like the idea of a few simple sketches of life around the homestead.  I cant decide if I should do a separate blog for the drawings, or just add them to this one. But anyway, until I decide about that..
here are a few simple pen sketches (no erasing allowed!) I just snapped pictures with this tsblet, not the greatest, and it has no photo editing installed. Raw pictures with bad lighting, gotta love it.



  1. Great sketches! So glad to see you are doing your art.

  2. Its a way to get back intonit maybe. No time for painting, but the sketches are quick.